Photos of my Motorcycles

These are all photos that I took of my 2002 CBR600F4i plus a couple of my 1986 CB650SC NightHawk. I crashed the NightHawk. A truck turned left in front of me. Totalled the bike.
I had to give up the F4i due to being disabled caused by chemicals.
Wish that was all my garage....
Pretty bike, but the garage is too &*!# small!
My leathers (still in project stage).
Most of the luggage. Photo in RKAccessories parking lot - the folks that made the luggage, the only luggage to use on a sportbike.
Reflective decals.
Should be visible.
More reflective decals.
GezaGear cover - keeps my neon from fading and protects my stuff from 'hands'.
All the luggage on it. Enough to camp for a couple of days - tent, air mattress, cooking......, even my computer.
My helmet in the dark with light shining on it.
I hadn't planned on the helmet to look like it had a big grin, but it fits.
Paint by Bobbie Keith - Cycle Finish.
Collage of my last bike. I bought it totalled, had the frame replaced, blue-printed. Put over 100k on it. I have almost all of the stuff to restore it (except time, space, & money).
My accident - 2 April 2000. Truck turned in front of me. Messed up my right hand. 'Ok' now.
Pins & screw in my right hand after the accident. The two long pins are out, short pin & screw are permanant.

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