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Moved to Montana mid April 2012. I left Califormia after 42 years to find a place where less toxic chemicals were being used. RoundUp herbicide and products made with ethanol (fuel, Lysol, Fabreze, etc.) are causing brain damage for me. I had to wait almost two years to be awarded permenant disability for this. I hate it. I had just started my dream career of Union Commercial Carpenter. I had the motorcycle I dreamed of. I loved life in California.

Saturday 26 May 2012 - snow @ Osen's RV Park in Livingston, MT 59047

Sunday 27 May 2012 - snow sticks

Tuesday 29 May 2012 - photos from places I go in Livingston - storage, grocery, etc.

Friday 1 June 2012 - photos from Pamida (like Walgreen's or KMart) in Livingston.

Saturday 15 December 2012 - finally leaned out the door and took some pictures of the snow before the cars messed it up. Some from the back door and some from the front.

I rented a house for the winter since I sort of got stuck here. The camper would have been warm enough, cheaper to heat, but I have to be able to take a shower and all of the RV Parks close for the winter. I also would have to cook outside which would not work. The house is cute, but even with rinsing the carpet with vinegar and water, it still messes me up.

@ about 3:00pm

@ about 4:00pm

@ about 4:30pm

@ about 5:00pm
Thursday, 10 January, 2013 - Tried to do a "time lapse photography" thing, but forgot where I aimed the previous time. Wish I had looked earlier. They don't really show how much snow. I could have taken more shots today - Friday. Now it's dark again. Doesn't stay light nearly long enough here.

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