1. Check out line to water heater from city water. Add heat tape, insulation, etc. to prevent problems over winter. Check for leaks.
  2. If using existing lines to bath, insulate them. Make sure water heater is insulated as well as possible.
  3. Check out hot and cold water sources at water heater. Connect pex to those if have the right stuff. Otherwise, connect to existing.
  4. Where should manifolds go? Near heater seems good without looking under home. In wall, above floor.
  5. Run pex along heater vent where ever possible. Inside insulation if possible. Have insulation.
  6. Put all connections above the floor if possible. Connections are the weakest part.
  7. Run ethernet cable if able. Use hose?? Insulate at end of home.


  1. Inspect flooring under tub. Seems to have dropped 1/32" or so on outside edge. Brace?? Hate to fall out naked, wet, into the cold snow.
  2. Inspect flooring soft next to heater.

Skirting (½" plywood framed like home)

  1. Dirt replaced in hole.
  2. Put temperature sensor in ground under home near drain closest to street before installing skirting.
  3. 2 x 4 pressure treated / painted footer around home. Anchored with tent stakes.
  4. 4 x 4 pressure treated / painted "studs" every 8 feet.
  5. 2 x 4 "header" moved in to fit panels. Existing. May need cutting or replacing.
  6. Second layer of 2 x 4pressure treated / painted on footer.
  7. Reflectix stapled to inside of framework. Put carriage bolts in first, from inside.
  8. Panels. All cut and painted. May have to trim last on each side. Would like to put all on at once to keep critters from moving in.
  9. Foam board insulation and vents can wait until spring. Foam board requires 1/4 plywood inside for fire.

Need to order carriage bolts.
(50) Hot-Dipped Galvanized Grade 2 Steel ¼" x 4½"$10.14(6)$60.84
(100) USS Standard Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel ¼"$2.70(3)$8.10
(100) Grade 2 Steel Hot-Dipped Galvanized ¼"$4.79(3)$14.37
(300) $83.31

Ordered: Wednesday 20 August, 2014 - McMaster-Carr

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